Tuesday, August 18, 2009

OneNote 2007 Taskbar Icon in Windows 7

After loading Windows 7 RTM a small issue I encountered was that the OneNote 2007 taskbar icon stopped appearing. Right now my temporary workaround:
  • In OneNote go to: Tools - Options - Other and uncheck the Place OneNote icon in the taskbar and then recheck the Place OneNote icon in the taskbar.

    OneNote Other Options
  • The icon will reappear in the taskbar after you reselect the checkbox

  • Unfortunately this isn't a permanent answer because it is gone again after you reboot.
I need to research this issue some more to see if I can find a permanent fix. There are some good notes about this in this OneNote blog about SP2. There was also a little more about it on Microsoft's blog.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Unleash the Power of OneNote and SharePoint

The notes for our Unleash the Power of OneNote and SharePoint presentation have been posted to the Captaré Training site and the video has been posted to the I Heart OneNote site.

Download the OneNote 2007 Package containing all of the notes here and view the video presentation from the I Heart OneNote community.